Fear of Reprimand

I was ok for a moment, just focusing on my work for the Power Brain Education book we’ll publish next year. Then I started to focus on my boss, and all of my insecurities came to the surface of my consciousness. All of the things my inner self says I’m doing wrong, such as not doing a particular task yesterday and being late this morning—things that don’t meet my own standards, have put me on edge. I am sitting in constant fear of reprimand.

Because I wasn’t experiencing that a few minutes ago, I could notice the difference in how it affected my brain’s ability to function. Suddenly, it became harder to think, integrate different ideas, or decide anything.

Although there is a part of me that wants to be a “good worker” (I was essentially bred to be one by my parents and schooling), I think this concept is not life-giving. It takes me away from my soul and it’s dream.

Instead, I’m redirecting my consciousness within myself, focusing it on my center, my soul and core, and following that energy instead. I practiced this a lot while I was a member at the Body & Brain centers in Boston, so I already know its power. I’m glad I have this tool and awareness to go back to when I unconsciously veer off course.

Fear of being “bad” or “wrong” for any reason . . . why should that be the master of my life? Hope, love, and faith in my own divinity and the greater divinity of which I am an expression sound like much better guides in what can feel like an uncertain and insecure existence. Those are all already inside me, so all I need to do is remember to listen.