Videos That Had Me Jazzed Up

This is another one of my “bunch of videos that I like” posts. I’ve watched these, become excited about them, and then realized there isn’t anyone to share them with who would be interested in them. So I’ll share them here. At least I can share them with myself 🙂

I love this woman.
I also love the IBREA Foundation.
Because I made it 🙂
Boys Over Flowers Thai Version

That’s all for now.


The Week I Wanted to Be a Rock

Rock in Virgin River at Zion National Park

This past week, I’ve often wished I could be a rock . . . like the one above.

Rocks, at least many of them, transmit good energy to all who come near. They didn’t have to do thousands of bows or chant for hours without sleeping, although it may have taken millennia for them to become their current shape and mineral makeup. They are just there, sometimes providing a seat to rest one’s weary legs, other times providing shade from the heat or shelter from a storm. Rocks support us just by existing and being what they are.

With the energy and respite they get from rocks, people can change their consciousness. They can have their own awakenings. They don’t have to learn, think, train, or obey. They can just shift in the energy field created by rocks and the rest of nature. By being around rocks, people can become more natural, just like the rocks themselves.

Rocks don’t live or die. They don’t expend energy to grow. Rocks just live out their existence being molded by the natural forces around them. They are part of nature’s great harmony.

Human beings have much more trouble doing this. That’s why I’d rather be a rock, sitting there, automatically giving whatever is needed to whomever passes by.