The Power of Forgiveness

Ever since I became sensitive to energy, I’ve been aware of a blockage in my sacrum/tailbone area. A forward bend with my knees straight is the most difficult stretch for me to do. My bladder meridian, which runs through that area, is also fairly blocked overall.

When I was a member and later an instructor at a Body & Brain Center, this condition got better. I could stretch farther and the blockage felt subtler and deeper. Since I’ve been sitting in an office chair for years, it’s become worse, and I feel it’s responsible for a lot of my emotional and mental angst; it prevents enough energy from circulating up my back to completing its natural cycle.

Because of this, I’ve made it a habit to notice what situations and actions open that blockage. It does open for short periods of time. I’ve found that many things open it, although usually with some effort.

Last night, after some bowing meditation and Brain Wave Vibration, although it was still a little blocked, I really asked myself what was keeping me from being fully connected to the full flow of life energy inside me and through me. Once I asked that, within a few moments, I started spontaneously to forgive. I forgave all of my past actions in this lifetime and any others, I forgave all of the actions of all of the other people on the earth throughout history, and I forgave all of the future actions we might take. I forgave anything that was not from love or produced love in some way, large and small.

After that, my tailbone area not only felt more open, but it felt “healed.” I had a deep sense of overall healing. I felt stronger and more secure in myself as well. Even this morning, even though I haven’t exercised yet, I still feel better—freer, settled, hopeful.

I don’t know how long this state of being will last, but I won’t try to hold onto it. Doing that would only cause stagnation and dwelling on the past. I’ve learned not to chase after particular emotions or situations from my memory.

However, I’ll try to stay in the moment, and remember the lesson of forgiveness. I will probably need to forgive many times in my life.

Forgiveness, like gratitude, doesn’t need a reason. It’s just a part of our true self. So when I forgive or feel grateful, I’m expressing that pure and divine part of me. The more I express it, the more I embody it, and that is real healing and hope.


Let Me Be

strong loveLet me be . . .
even dead,
rather than closed to love.
For love is the only real thing.

This is what came to me so strongly one day. It felt like Truth with a capital “T.” Despite the resounding yes that reverberated through my whole being and the tears that came to my eyes when these thoughts came to me, a week later, in a situation in which my energy was low and I felt beaten and battered, I chose “not love.” I chose to reject and be angry with another, although temporarily. I lived from the many layers that surround my heart, rather than my soul itself. I protected myself and fought to preserve my preconceptions instead of finding a way to express love in that situation.

Words are easy, aren’t they.

Love, caring, peace, softness are often treated as a weakness in our society. They are feminine characteristics that cannot survive in the rough and tumble world. So we present a tough exterior so no one will “take advantage” of us and we can get what we want in life. That’s how you survive, right? Not just individuals, but families, religions, and countries do this as well. We protect our own, and if we leave ourselves vulnerable, we’ll certainly be attacked by someone stronger than us.

For these reasons, I think embodying love requires more strength than acting tough and brandishing a big stick for everyone to see. In order to shine big and bright and clear, love must be strong.

The only real strength that I know of comes from being centered and focused in the moment. What I keep learning over and over is that the only things we really have are our soul and this moment. Everything else is an ephemeral illusion. The only healing and the only creation comes from our soul, which resides in our hearts while we have a body.

So now I’m working on being really strong and being true to the only Truth that I know for sure. Everything else is a game for my growth.