A New Beginning

I opened this blog site to give myself the opportunity to develop confidence in my words.

I keep having the feeling that helpful messages for others are waiting to come through me. However, I haven’t created opportunities for them to do so. I am often sitting behind a computer rather than talking to live human beings. On top of that, I spend a lot of time writing for marketing or writing as another person. When I do talk to other people, I usually discover that the best thing I can do is listen.

So this blog exists so that I can say whatever I want to say, whatever I need to say. It doesn’t have a specific topic yet, although that might develop over time.

I can say that I am interested in energy and what people call “spirituality,” or rather the things we can’t see. I want to be a part of the creation of the world where the unconditional love we all truly are can be fully and freely expressed. This blog is my tool to do that within myself, and hopefully in all of the people who read it.

I hope we can all empower ourselves to co-create it together. So I welcome your thoughts and feedback. However, in that spirit, please understand that any insulting or negative language toward anyone will be removed.



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