Who Is Ilchi Lee . . . According to Me

Ilchi Lee

This is a less official image of Ilchi Lee . . . one that I would not use for branding. It was taken on a recent meditation tour in New Zealand. The hat was a gift from students. SUN stands for Spiritual United Nations, which is another term for what Ilchi Lee is trying to create in the world. I think it means spiritual culture and unity that is beyond dogma and tradition.

I started to brainstorm or free-write about Ilchi Lee and who he is for the sake of a branding meeting we are having today. I wanted to tease out my own thoughts on the topic and clarify them. Because I like the energy of them and where they flowed from, I’d like to share them here.

Ilchi Lee has a big dream. He wants to everyone on earth to recognize their infinite value, and in doing so, feel the connections between themselves, others, and the earth. He wants everyone to feel love for the earth and love for humanity, and express that as stewards of the earth, as Earth Citizens. For that, he developed what is now called Brain Education, so people can realize the same thing for themselves. Brain Education is education that is not education. It’s self-realization. But we need education for it because this ability has been mostly lost in modern culture. Ancient peoples, like those in Korea, had this wisdom. It was infused in every part of the culture. Now Ilchi Lee is bringing that wisdom back. That wisdom is in all of us, and it’s in nature. Simply being in nature, and letting our minds and emotions become free and empty—muah in Korean—will bring us the realization of our true value that we need in order to be truly healthy, happy, peaceful, and of benefit to all others and the earth.

I share this dream with Ilchi Lee. That’s why I work on his website and his books. This work opens my peace and joy, and for that, I am grateful.


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