Meeting Mom

Last night, we had a small memorial ceremony for the 10th anniversary of my mother’s death. It was inspired by traditional Korean ceremonies, although we made our own personal modifications.

During the ceremony, I could feel my mother’s consciousness and energy. I felt that she was a warrior, and she said there was a serious spiritual battle going on right now. She told me I needed to be strong, and, especially, keep a strong center line. She also told me to clear out any old energy, in particular, the old things from my bedroom.

My mother healed some of my energetic blockages at that time, and sent her love to my sisters. I also felt a long ancestral line of her children.

She recognized my teacher, Ilchi Lee, and said that he is good, if you like him, go ahead, do what you want, but the important part is Jesus. Then, I felt a deeper connection to Jesus, who I have known since I was a child.

At some point, my mind and energy connected my mother to another line of energy, one that I’m not familiar with. I do this randomly without planning to in different places with different people; I don’t know why. I don’t plan it, I don’t try to do it, and I don’t fully understand it. For example, I connected my father-in-law to some spiritual lineage I didn’t know of, but which seemed Chinese. I connected Ilchi Lee to Jesus and Thoth at different times, and I made some connection I don’t remember in the store called Atlantis in Sedona, AZ.

My mother’s energy was not as bright and light as I aim to be, perhaps because of the war. Despite that, whereas normally I would let her energy and consciousness fade from me easily and quickly, not wanting to hold her from her new life and work, last night, I wanted her to stay with me. I became very attached to her. I’ve been acting very attached to things and people in the last few days, when clearly the energy around me has been saying to let it go. I just need to let go.

Beyond space and time, we are all always together. We are all one.

But I think my feeling was not just my wanting to hold on to something. It was also my wanting not to avoid something. I want to make sure I’m willing to go deep into something instead of only sitting on the surface. Perhaps by going deep, I will have finished with it and the energy will move naturally on its own.

Anyway, I will do my best for the spiritual battle here on earth.



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