Marketing Pains

This is today’s brainstorming for our enewsletter:

My dearest, sweetest subscribers,

Do you think I’m real? Or am I just a faceless mask trying to sell things to you. That’s right, I am. so what? What am I supposed to be to you? What do you want me to be so I can achieve my goal? Is it worth it?

But I sincerely want to do something for you, not for my own gain. These two pieces of me are separated right now. They don’t seem to belong to each other, or they don’t know how to be integrated. Maybe that’s why my newsletters or social media posts normally don’t result in sales?

What can I do for you that’s authentic and beneficial for both of us?

I want to let you know that our August sale will end tomorrow. I think that’s helpful information. But how are the products we have on sale helpful? I think they are, but I feel like I’ve said all I have to say about them in the blog post and the previous newsletters. So I need a new angle.

The books are on Brain Education. It’s a self-development and self-management method designed by Ilchi Lee. There’s a whole bunch actually. And what’s the difference between them? It’s a matter of what you need. Principles of Brain Management is really simple. You can get quick advice from it that’s really practical. If you want to know Brain Education in-depth, The Power Brain is the best. That’s essentially a friendly textbook on the topic. In Full Bloom applies Brain Education to aging, and Power Brain Kids and The Brain Power Classroom applies it to kids and teachers, respectively.

Yeah, so, that’s what’s on sale, and they’re 20% off. I think it’s a great idea for back-to-school. But what will having these books really mean for your life?

I mean, do you really know your brain that well, not on a scientific level, but on a personal level. Is it something you never pay attention to? Listening to Ilchi Lee for over 10 years, I can’t help but pay attention to how I’m using my brain, but I don’t do it enough. I remember, however, being in high school and being able to feel my brain in different situations. It’s hard to describe, but I was aware of the feeling of my brain. That didn’t give me any practical information at the time. It was just interesting.

These brain books that we’re selling tell you how to use your brain in a practical way, especially to achieve goals. Interestingly, they show you how to use your body to manage your brain. If you practice Brain Education, the tie between brain and body is strengthened. Not only do you become more aware of your brain, but you become more aware of your body as well.

The benefits you get from being able to do that are immeasurable. It’s a new way of looking at the world. You become more flexible and less ruled by your emotions. You can take a step back and see your life more clearly, and you gain more action power to carry out your ideas. Overall, your life becomes more fluid, so more things become possible for you.

You won’t really know all of the potential that could be unleashed until you try it. Now is a good time. Summer is over, and they’re 20% off. But only today.

Those are the benefits I would like to give to whomever may choose to listen.


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