My Powerful Soul

This evening, I did a one-hour training with bowing meditation, Belly Button Healing, gibberish singing, and connecting to divine energy. Although in the physical world, the training was led by another person, in the energy/spiritual world, it felt like the whole experience was orchestrated by my soul. Through it I felt the wisdom that I am not separate from anything around me and that just as in the training, my soul is orchestrating my whole life.

Sometimes I guard myself from my experiences because I’m afraid of going down the wrong path, but tonight’s experience moved me beyond that fear and the hesitation in life that often comes with it. I felt deeper trust in my soul and in my life as it is manifesting.

Maintaining that connection to the soul and subsequently to the Source of energy and consciousness is something I can only do moment by moment in the now. It’s something I feel responsibility for doing, and my insides keep driving me in that direction.

At the end of the training, I read a page in Ilchi Lee‘s new book, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation. It was about Longevity Walking, which you could also call chi walking. In this style of walking, you adjust your gait so that your energy circulates better in your body and you accumulate energy in your core. The page listed many reasons why moving your legs are important for a long, health life. For me, walking also strengthens my connection to my soul and divinity. It is necessary for me to be creative and sane. My conclusion from tonight’s training was that I need to walk often so that I can maintain and grow my precious connection to the only true power unconditionally.


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