Flowing with Balance

Helping others is important to me, but in doing it, I often look beyond my own personality, ego, and desires so that I can see what they really need without those filters and so that I can fully embody what another person needs in that moment and help them in a pure way.

Also important to me is expressing myself, meaning my true self, from my heart. Sometimes expressing my true self means helping others, but other times it means making my own music by myself, as with this blog. I have something that wants to stream out of me, untouched by others.

From what I’ve learned so far in my life, I believe that balance is essential. Both means of expressing my true self are important for making my heart energy flow. If I emphasize one more than another, instead of healthy heart energy flow, life feels too empty or frustrating.

I think that’s the main theme that has developed for this diary-like blog, which began without much of a theme.


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