The Magic of Rest

What I learned from having a cold this week and hibernating in my bed for long hours, which I haven’t had the right or privilege or balls to do for years, is that inherently inside myself, I’m ok. When I give myself a chance to rest and follow my own rhythm, then my natural vitality, cheerfulness, and love for myself comes out. I want to dance and sing and think I’m so beautiful. I love everything! All it took was a lot of rest, lol! I just did what I wanted. It really felt magical.

Now I know that when feeling that way is hard, I need more rest time and some time to focus on myself. Once again, I realized that instead of trying hard, surrendering to my natural resources seems to work best. I really didn’t want to surrender, though. I wanted to fight and say, “I’m not going to be sick.” But by feeling my body, I realized that wasn’t going to work. I just needed to accept that I was sick, listen to my body, and choose to get better without fighting it.

I’m not always so astute about knowing when to stop and rest, however. According to Human Design, my type, a Manifesting Generator, especially one without their spleen center filled in (because people with open spleen centers don’t have built-in instincts for self-care), should rest before they are tired or burnt out. Pure Generators should rest when they use up their energy, but Manifesting Generators and Manifestors need to stop before then, although I’m not sure why yet. However, this information seems to be true for my life, so I’m going to try to remember it, however much I want to stay up late . . . which I love.

But the most important thing I’m going to remember is: I’m ok, regardless of the circumstances!


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