Today’s Pineal Gland Awakenings

Body & Brain instructors around the world started doing special pineal gland meditation this week to strengthen the clarity, brightness, and activity of our pineal glands.

[I stole this image from’s Pineal Gland course because I’ve always really liked it.]

The awakenings I had during the training were:

  1. I’ve deliberately held onto anger and fear lately because I didn’t trust that if I let go, I could achieve specific goals. I knew I could feel good and have happy happy joy joy, but I didn’t think that would lead to something in particular. Lately my first and second chakra energy were growing, and I tried to direct them toward goals, but sometimes it just translated into reacting to my environment, and not always positively. It felt better than trying to hold that energy back though, because at least it was circulating instead of being stuck. Today I was reassuring that I can let it all go. Just trust. It’s ok.
  2. This other awakening is related to that. I realized that I came into this life to be here for the Earth. That’s it. Everything else is extra, a game even. I need to be true to my soul and hold that energy for the Earth and be here for it. So if all these other things don’t happen, it’s ok. No worries. This also fits with a recent transcript of one of Ilchi Lee’s speeches that I read. It said something along the lines of: if you know the Tao, if you can live and eat and breath, what more do you need?
  3. I also asked what do I need to do to gather people for all of the different jobs that I have. I need to gather people to book clubs and social media contests and worksite wellness programs, etc. But I often just gather people in ones and twos. The response I got was to be love. Not love them. Not bring them to me. Be love with a capital “L,” the love we all are. People will feel that, and they will be able to find it themselves. My focus has always been to help people find it within themselves, although I haven’t accomplished that very well and sometimes I get stuck in my emotions and ego. This reminded me of the Finding True Self workshop took years ago with Body & Brain Yoga and of what the leader of that workshop reminded me of years later. In answer to the questions, “Who am I?” and “What do I want?” I heard “Love.” So, the leader said, just be and create love, all the time, in everything you do. Then you will be yourself and answer your soul’s desires. I’ve gotten this answer in many different ways at different times. Even in the midst of my anger, I would remember it, but lately I couldn’t let go of my emotions that were inhibiting love. I chose those emotions instead. With the help of this pineal glad meditation, just by practicing every day, I hope I have the strength to make better choice—to be who I am.

So far, it’s been easier to remember these things today, but to keep it up, I have to be mindful of myself every moment. It’s a good practice.

To be continued . . .


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