Humility Leads to Boundless Freedom

“Respect the soul of all people, and treat it preciously.
That is the way to make your own soul rare and precious.”

I read these words by Ilchi Lee today, and they really struck me, so I wanted to record them here in this log.

He goes on to talk about humility.

“The first step in practicing Hongik is humbleness.
Every time your ego is activated by habit, practice humbleness
and exercise deference and humbleness . . .
Be humble before your compatriots.
Humble yourself, and respect, praise, and love the people around you.
If you have made the choice to be humble, your actions will be different.
With humbleness, your ego is melted away . . .”

“Hongik is planning, design, prayer, and creation,
and it is endlessly rising to the challenge for boundless freedom.”

What is “boundless freedom”?

Boundless freedom means not being tied to anything—not your preconceptions nor your ego nor your past nor your family. Not even to your organization or country. Boundless freedom means being natural. If you follow your soul, naturally you will express humility, loyalty, creativity, trust, and especially, Hongik, and you will do it in a way that is for the highest good of all. It means that there isn’t anything you can’t do (if you apply enough focused energy).

If humility leads to egoless-ness, then ultimately it leads to boundless freedom.


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