A Poem for All

Ilchi Lee wrote this poem this year. These words came to him while he was meditating. It’s stuck with me for months. I feel boundless hope and energy when I hear it or read it. Finally, I’m sharing it with you on this blog because I feel sad keeping it to myself. The non-English words are Korean, and their meanings are below.

“Hongik” by Ilchi Lee

Hongik is a beautiful poem, and humbleness.
Hongik is love, faith and gratitude.
Hongik is a sense of responsibility, patience and forgiveness.
Hongik is a life of health, happiness and peace.
Hongik is planning, design, prayer, and creation,
and it is endlessly rising to the challenge for boundless freedom.
HaewonSangsaeng HongikIngan
JiguGyeongyoung InryuPyeonghwa**

**Haewon: reconciliation
Sangsaeng: coexistence
Hongik: benefiting all
Ingan: human
JiguGyeongyoung: earth management
InryuPyeonghwa: peace of humanity

(Reconciliation and coexistence for the sake of benefitting all humanity.
Practicing Earth Management and peace for humanity.)

How does this poem make you feel?


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