Writing Only a Mother Could Love

I have to edit down what was supposed to be a newsletter. I knew it was long and that it didn’t get to the point quickly enough. But I still kind of like it. So I’ll stick it here where no one else will see it except myself 😉

The more you practice Body & Brain Yoga, the more you realize that everything is energy and that ideas and emotions can be communicated through energy. And it’s with energy that you heal your body, choose happiness for yourself, realize who you truly are, and create what you want in life.

Body & Brain Yoga and Change Your Energy founder Ilchi Lee has mastered the art of delivering and communicating energy. One of the ways he shares energy is through the ancient art of Asian brush calligraphy.

This form of traditional writing is thought of as the highest form of art in East Asia. Its masters make each stroke a meditation, moving in the flow of energy. The artist’s personality is said to be expressed in the subtle nuances of the letters. It’s perfect for delivering energy.


Ilchi Lee made his calligraphy works while focused on the purest, most essential energy, communicating the fundamental principles of the cosmos.

Bring this energy into your space and your life in order to:

  • be inspired and reminded of ideals you strive for like peace, oneness, and a calm mind.
  • change your negative energy to the positive energy the art piece delivers.
  • clear your mind and heart.
  • nurture your connection to your true self.
  • be encouraged to stick to your practice.
  • share the energy of the artwork with your family and guests.

In this unique calligraphy collection, you’ll discover both bold black stokes and delicate colorful dots. You’ll see sweet drawings and meaningful Chinese characters. Among this diversity, you can find the perfect piece just for you.

One artist said, “Art always tells a story.” Choose an artwork that best tells the story you intend to create. Hang it in your home or office where you can pass it and see it each day, and you’ll move a lot of energy toward making that story manifest.



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