A Night of One Awakening After Another

Tonight I had a number of random awakenings, and I thought I should write them down before they pass into the oblivion of my short-term memory.

One happened during Belly Button Healing today. I realized that if I just relax my brain, the spiritual advances I have been craving will come and enter with the help of my peoples in the spirit realm.

While walking around with a bean bag on my head, I discovered that there is a certain point in my lower back, around my sacrum, that when energy circulates through there, I start blaming others. There is a bit of pain and a lot of stiffness there, and its constant presence generates constant complaints in my thoughts. I know getting rid of the stiffness would help my thoughts, but today I saw that if I stopped blaming (which I do knowing full well that I shouldn’t and often stop myself), then energy would circulate through there better.

I also realized that when energy circulates through there and then goes up my back, I can feel the scarcity in energy that is usually there. This scarcity leads to other insecurities like craving for attention, recognition, and the desire to be special instead of focusing on my soul and what it wants to create. Focusing on my soul would feel so much healthier and better, but I get inadvertently distracted by my blockages too much.

When energy circulates through there, the scarcity eases and I can be more myself instead of focusing on everyone else in my life.

This circulation up my back also eased some of the physical heart and chest symptoms I’ve been feeling—just tension and uncomfortable weirdness there.

I released a lot during BHP Energy Healing today. How am I in so much pain?

The conclusion, of course, is that I need some more quiet time feeling my body and resting my brain. I also need strong exercise to override my thoughts. And some deep breathing perhaps? Certainly!


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