I Am Gold

My body, my voice, my brain—my life—are all gold.

That is my feeling and my mantra today.

I arrived at it suddenly this morning as my petty self mentally railed against a coworker who doesn’t seem to value the things that come out of my mouth. I’ve stopped my mental slaughter, because it doesn’t make my soul happy and I know that I am here to live for my soul and to spread love throughout the earth. Everything else is secondary. So, with time and effort, I can set anything aside for that.

In the face of her attitude, however, I discovered my own pride and my own genuine inner value as well. I wanted to tell this person, “I am gold.” What I have and what I am is so valuable—more than gold actually. This is not based on my performance; it is unconditional fact. I fear that she may not always know that about herself, because she is trying so hard to achieve her goals, which is admirable. Way deep down she knows and on the surface, she exudes confidence (purposefully), but somewhere in the middle . . . I wonder. While I shouldn’t judge, because that’s just doing the same thing, it’s helpful for me to remember this condition I sense in her, because I become less caught up in it by internalizing it.

Through this process this morning, I realized how much the people directly around me, such as my boss and my husband, still seem to value me, even when I make mistakes, don’t make sense, or don’t do as well. I don’t know why they feel that way, but I sincerely appreciate them. I also love them for who they are, regardless of how they feel about me.

Today, as I strive to perform better—to think through my thoughts more before I say them out loud, to focus better on my work, and to make more thorough and polished content—I will remember with all of my being that:




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