Inspiring Quotes by Ilchi Lee

I’m going through quotes of things Ilchi Lee has said or written. I’m inspired by many of them, so I want to share them here.

Those with open hearts are wise beyond words.

When you’re stuck between a challenge and giving up, take one more step. That one step can totally change your life.

When you stop the thought that you don’t know enough yet, you can truly become your own master, and live an independent and creative life. This is when the wisdom of divinity in you finally begins to shine, and your infinite creativity demonstrates itself.

Rather than being attached to a person or thing to satisfy your desires, try hard to keep the peace in your heart. When you release your desires and attachment, you will find a true experience of growing, from deep inside yourself.

Unhappiness is a habit. Those with this habit feel victimized and have arrogance and selfishness, no matter what circumstances surround them.

What changes the world is not mystical messages from the universe, but the courage and conviction of unselfish people.

The true enlightenment that I found: there is nothing in the world to become enlightened to. I had actually always been in a state of enlightenment, because that’s our natural state. I had been given everything already, and accepting myself, as I am, is the highest enlightenment.

Life begins with emptying oneself with a great cry, life’s rhythm beginning at that moment, filling the emptied space anew. By pushing out the small breath held inside, a new breath of the great air of Nature comes into the space.

The human brain is fundamentally complete, right from the start. If you don’t think your achievements are good enough yet, suggest to them with all your love, “You have infinite possibilities and creativity. You can do anything. You have come to this world with great purpose!”

Those who want to attain spiritual completion share respect, love and peace, and are satisfied through sharing what they have.


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