Life Is a Game

I got this message, this feeling, a while ago, and I’ve had the consistent urge to record it. So here it is:

I am here for the Earth.


I’m with her (Mother Earth).

When I think about life purpose, this is what I get. It’s not only that I’m here to help the Earth, but I am here to be on Earth. It’s that simple. I just need to anchor in the energy that needs to be here. This sense goes hand in hand with my other one:

Spread love throughout the Earth.

Everything else is just a game. So I shouldn’t sweat it so much. My main job is to make time each day to connect to myself, to Heaven, and to Earth. The energy will take care of whatever needs to happen. My soul and my subconscious already know what to do. I don’t need to learn anything.

But, I do need to unplug from my phone, hehe (easier said than done nowadays). Doing clearing practices such and Dahnjon (energy center) Tapping, Intestine Exercise, Belly Button Healing, Jigam, Sleeping Tiger, Bowing, and all the other Brain Education exercises I’ve learned are really useful for clearing my mind and energy and helping me focus so that I can connect with my inner knowing and everything can work as it needs to. I’m very grateful for learning these and for Ilchi Lee for developing them.


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