New Year Message

What message would or should I give myself for the new year?

Usually I don’t like this sort of thing, but it’s hard to avoid when you’re immersed in the self-help world. I’ll step beyond my comfort zone and see how well I do.

The theme of 2020 is Be Bright!

Why should you be bright? As I’ve written several times in this blog, brightness is the most important thing. It’s the thing I’m here to do. So that’s essential step number one.

But why should other people be bright? Brightness is a feeling as well as an outlook. It’s an energy state. The state of your energy and mind determines the state of your life, at least eventually if you maintain it. (And sometimes even now.) The brighter you are, the happier, healthier, and more creative you’ll be.

And that’s it.

Brightness requires constant diligence though. You have to be motivated to change your energy whenever your brightness dims. You have to be willing to do energy practice every day without fail to strengthen your core and clean out your thoughts and emotions. You need to remain unattached to thoughts and emotions, and move quickly toward a goal you’re focusing on.

These are the things you need to do every day of your life, so what’s the big deal about January 1st?

The new year is pretty arbitrary in my mind, but I guess it can serve as a reminder to get back on track if you’ve gone off of it.

There’s nothing to learn and nothing to fix. Instead, deep acceptance of everything and forgiveness of all helps us stay with who we really are instead of getting sucked into the illusions of our mind. It’s about staying in the moment. Again, it’s easier said than done and is not tied to a particular day of the year. And so, I’ve come back full circle to the beginning of my post.

So maybe the theme for this year should be “Get Back on Track.” Don’t autocorrect; self-correct instead.

We are always changing yet our essence is always the same. That’s why we don’t have to “sweat the small stuff.”


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