It may seem like there is chaos all around you, but is there chaos inside you? The cacophony of voices on the airwaves cannot adequately help society and the earth. All change starts with ourselves. The strength of our bodies driven by the passion of our soul and the pureness of our conscience can weave the strands of energy searching for a better world, for meaning and righteousness, for their basic needs to be met, into a tapestry of wholeness, security in nothingness, and oneness. 

Look deeper, and wider. You cannot rely on others to bring you peace. Such peace exists, but it fades. You cannot rely on others to bring you security. We all depend on each other, but circumstances can occur that wrenches the security we thought we had away from us. The security that comes from connecting with the Life energy that flows through everything cannot be taken away, however. It can be ignored or denied, but not taken away. It’s only when you feel this energy, the flow of life, that you can know that, “everything will be alright.”


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