I Love This

I’ve had so much to say, or at least thoughts in my mind, over the last few days. Things that have sounded good; my ego gave them props. However, I didn’t take the time to write them down. I just fed them more movies, books, and music—my steady diet of media that is as habitual as eating bread and coffee for breakfast (or even more so).

As I sit here writing, I found that I enjoy it, however. The act feels soothing, and I feel a world of possibilities opening in my soul. What is this feeling? Can I keep it? Perhaps, if I balance it with other things. I wouldn’t want to get too crazy. Just follow the middle path, they say.

Is my way of doing things and thinking OK? That is the constant question. The question really asks: Am I valuable? At the same time, a drive toward something better and different, more refined, is there, calling me forward. These do not need to be exclusive. In fact, they are complementary.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a Korean (Korean-American) rapper called pH-1. He is groovy and positive. The best part is, he has the word LOVE tattooed over his throat. PERFECT!!! I have half a mind to copy him, but in reality, I don’t like copying people.


pH-1’s Tattoo, a Korean Rapper [Source: @ph1boyyy Twitter]

Here’s a couple of interviews he did that I watched. I really admire his mission of sharing positive messages, because that is my mission as well.


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